E l e v a t o r   T e c h n o l o g y   E q u i p m e n t s

Hats Asociados, S.L. is an experienced company with more than 20 years designing micro-processed control panels for lifts, an activity in which is a pioneer in Europe. Hats control panels have already been installed in more than ten countries.

ZEUS is the culmination of years of experience int he world of the control panel for lifts. The innovative design, the use of the most advanced technology and the proven quality of our products culminate in a new control panel concept for lifts. ZEUS is more than a new control, is a new philosophy for the elevator.

ZEUS uses the laest technology in both hardware and software, incorporates microprocessors of last generation, flash memory, net architecture, and the most advanced algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, fuzzy logic and neuron nets algorithms.


Detailed Zeus introduction document