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From Food Lifts to Skyscrapers

Our company has installed more then 300 elevators of different types in Germany since 2002. We have extended our area of operation to Ireland, too, since 2006. We have installed more than 150 elevators throughout the island. There have been several construction sites where we have installed and completely finished as many as 15-20 elevators.

In both countries we have been working for middle-size companies or family enterprises. To the greatest satisfaction of our customers we have been working with Hungarian mechanics who have gain expertise in the up-to-date technologies and successfully applied it during their installation jobs.

Unlike in our home-country, Hungary, in the aforementioned countries the consigners are particular about not giving the majority of the projects to foreign multinational companies.
The reasons are quite simple. Domestic companies pay their taxes in their own countries, they employ domestic workforce and offer them competitive salaries. Construction is accomplished wholeheartedly, and after finishing the job they remain reliable partners for the costumer. At the same time, they offer competitive price for the monthly maintenance service.
One of the most important facts we have to emphasize is that the parts for the installed elevators are available at the free market, so, in case he is willing to do so, the consigner has the opportunity to involve other companies during the operation of the elevator.

Our aim is to make our experience gained in Western Europe available in Hungary, too.
We provide professional assistance in choosing energy-efficient solutions and products, in addition we can assure quality work and long-term guaranty. Our elevators meet the most up-to-date requirements. Their electronic control has unique error-diagnostics.

We are always at your kind disposal; we undertake the installation of both minor and major investments.

In case you do not insist on the elevators of the multinational companies, please, dignify us with your trust, and let us give advice and quotation for Your project.

Tamás Schneider
Managing Director